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Petrouchka or Petrushka (French: Pétrouchka; ) is a ballet with music by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, composed in 1910–11 and revised in 1947.


A very large-scale ballet performances design, with around 80 characters , accurate historical background intermingle with wild imagination. over come tedious complicated task of  sourcing over 500 kinds of fabric , lace and other decorations item.


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Formula of The Thunderstorm

“Formula of The Thunderstorm” by The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre is the longest standing and largest professional theatre company in the HK.


Playwright & Director Anthony Chan


Set Designer Hendrix To

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The physicists

a heavy metal Sci-Fi movies style stage set design , a dark comedy written in 1961 by Swiss playwright, Friedrich Dürrenmatt. Three mad scientists--Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Johann Wilhelm Möbius--hold court in an insane asylum underground nuclear war survival shelters. As nurses begin turning up dead,a police inspector and a venerated psychiatrist join forces to find the cause.Is it the ghost of King Solomon? Is it Möbius's revolutionary theory, the Principle of Universal Discovery? Or is it the simple truth that what has been thought can never be unthought? Written under the threat of nuclear war and now produced in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, The Physicists provides an opportunity for the students of SYT to tackle science, politics, and ethics while telling a story that will make audiences laugh out loud before it chills them to the bone.




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The Other Shore 彼岸

Written/ director by Gao Xingjian 高行健 (第一位中國人得諾貝爾文學獎,他來 HK 導演的第一部他的舞臺劇)

Set & Costume Designer :Hendrix To


The Other Shore , One of the most important and controversial pieces of contemporary Chinese drama, The Other Shore draws on Chinese culture to tell the story of an ensemble who seek enlightenment from their current circumstances and decide to travel to "the other shore." Once they reach this mysterious land across a body of water, they must rediscover what it means to be human in order to survive. As they meet other beings, they learn about consequences, leadership, manipulation, faith and love. Performed by a large, versatile ensemble, the characters must relearn everything they thought they once knew. Originally published into English in 1997, The Other Shore is an international work of art written by Gao Xingian, whose imaginative storytelling earned the Nobel Prize for literature in 2000.

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