TROY 1:10 Full function remote control monster Mechanical robot vehicles  design and build by Hendrix

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电影《太极 1》的特洛伊 1:10 全功能遥控怪兽车 TROY 1:10  Full function remote control monster Mechanical robot vehicles

well design arrangement layout for complex mechanical equipment and electoric paraphernalia under very limited obstruct space.在有限的空间内要精细设计安排紧凑的复杂机动设备。

Require precise 3D solid modelling for a careful design comprehensive relationship between each component as advance planning,需要周密的事先计划,精确地全面 3D 立体建模设计每个组件之间的关系


Two robot arm builds by  computer precision cutting stainless steel and aluminum, not only reconstructs the actual mechanical function accordance with excavators in reality, the details also decorated to reproduce the Steampunk style in movie design.



Design, planning and manufacturing completed 1:10 full-function remote control Troy giant monster, Fully used the strength of sheet metal laser cutting accuracy, develop new mortise and tenon joint elimination manual errors of Chinese welder, combining air cylinder force and electric control, for future visitors in the park to personally experience the operation of the Troy giant monster as a film experience in real life. Research and engineering how can make exaggerated CG animation within the film animation into a mechanical robot action that can be achieved.